Bladder Cancer

The UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center brings the expertise of an interdisciplinary team to every patient we treat. And we treat every type of cancer, including bladder cancer. That means your treatment plan is personalized for you and coordinated by our team of cancer doctors and experts that specialize in bladder cancer. Here, you will benefit from the latest surgical techniques and radiation oncology treatments; access to clinical trials working to discover new, safe, and effective treatments; and targeted therapies backed by our precision medicine program. Find comfort and confidence in knowing your cancer care is comprehensive and cutting-edge.

Your Team of Bladder Cancer Experts

The UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center team believes that there’s a lot more to fighting cancer than just getting rid of cancer cells through treatment. We believe that comprehensive, holistic cancer care includes other aspects of your life that may have an impact on your overall well-being. After all, cancer changes everything. At UAB, you have a personalized team to support you.

The O’Neal Difference

Less Discomfort, Faster Recovery

One of the only centers in the South using the da Vinci SP® Surgical System, which reduces discomfort and shortens recovery

Blue-Light Cystoscopy

One of a few centers in the nation using blue-light cystoscopy, an advanced procedure that finds bladder tumors more easily than standard imaging procedures

Cutting Edge Treatments

Bladder cancer research underway every day to make sure you have the most advanced treatments available

Cancer Navigators

Specialists help guide you through all aspects of your cancer journey

Supportive Care and Survivorship Programs

We help you through every stage of your treatment, caring for all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health

Ethos Adaptive Radiotherapy

Advanced technology means your treatment is based on real-time images, allowing more precise, effective treatment

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