Pancreatic & Hepatobiliary Cancer

The UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center brings the expertise of an interdisciplinary team to every patient we treat. And we treat every type of cancer, including pancreatic and hepatobiliary cancer. That means your treatment plan is personalized for you and coordinated by our team of cancer doctors and experts that specialize in pancreatic and hepatobiliary cancer. From the latest surgical techniques and radiation oncology treatments, access to clinical trials working to discover new, safe, and effective treatments, to the targeted therapies backed by our precision medicine program, you will find comfort and confidence in knowing your cancer care is comprehensive and cutting-edge.

Your Team of Pancreatic & Hepatobiliary Cancer Experts

The UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center team believes that there’s a lot more to fighting cancer than just getting rid of cancer cells through treatment. We believe that comprehensive, holistic cancer care includes other aspects of your life that may have an impact on your overall well-being. After all, cancer changes everything. At UAB, you have a personalized team to support you.

The O’Neal Difference

The Pancreatobiliary Disease Center (PDC)

More than 30 faculty members across seven specialties provide cutting-edge care for pancreatic, bile duct, and gallbladder cancers; pancreatic cysts; pancreatitis; bile duct injuries; and complex benign (non-cancerous) diseases of the pancreas and bile duct.

Clinical trials 

Our clinician-researchers work toward finding new ways to improve cancer care and survival; here, you will have unique access to the most promising new therapies within the clinical trial process.

Cancer Navigators

Treatment and recovery can be complex—appointments, referrals, paperwork, medicine, resources—but our cancer navigators guide you through all of the details, so you can focus on getting better.

The Multidisciplinary Endocrine Tumor Clinic

Provides expertise in endocrinology and pancreatic surgery, offering comprehensive, streamlined care for patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors.

Supportive Care and Survivorship programs

We help you through every stage of your treatment, caring for all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

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Baseball player

“A 4 percent chance is nothing to me”

Frank Baker never thought he would have the word “cancer” associated with his name. Baker, a former major league baseball player with the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, had never even been admitted to a hospital before. That changed in March 2018.

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