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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conversations and Awareness: Faculty Associations

The Heersink School of Medicine is continuously exploring new ways to strengthen the values of diversity and inclusion throughout the UAB community. An important step towards accomplishing this goal was the implementation of our four faculty associations.

Comprised of faculty members from the Black and African American community, the Hispanic and Latinx community, the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, and the LGBTQ+ community, these groups offer their experience and insight to promote diversity. Leadership includes Drs. Farah Lubin, PhD, and Danielle Powell, MD, for the Black and African American faculty association; Drs. Marcela Frazier, OD, MSPH, and Fernando Ovalle, MD, for the Hispanic and Latinx association; Drs. Herb Chen, MD, FACS, and Warner Huh, MD, FACOG, FACS, for the Asian American and Pacific Islander association; and Dr. Rodney Tucker, MD, MMM, for the LGBTQ+ association.

Each group meets throughout the year and hosts events, guest speakers, and conferences that address key topics to foster a culturally inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy. Subjects frequently include advocacy, recruitment, development, and mentoring at UAB, with recent events including a 2023 Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by the AAPI faculty association and an open house at the Magic City Wellness Center hosted by the LGBTQ+ faculty association.

These groups and activities are open to all who are interested, so please take advantage of this opportunity to network and learn more about these communities within our institution.

For more information, please visit the Heersink Office for Diversity and Inclusion website.

—Rodney Tucker, MD, MMM
Associate Director for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center

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