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Hand holding magnifying glass over wooden DNA chain.
June 3, 2024

Cancer Genetics Clinic provides helpful insight to patients and their doctors

Your doctor may recommend genetic counseling if you have a personal or family history of cancer that could be hereditary (run in families). The information it reveals can be helpful for you, your family members, and even your doctors.
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June 3, 2024

Skin cancer protection: Experts walk through the life cycle of sun exposure

As sunny days and summer approach, skin care and sunscreen are more important than ever. Avoiding ultraviolet light can potentially prevent nearly 3 million cases of skin cancer annually.
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Doctor examining melanoma using dermatoscope
May 24, 2024

Melanoma treatments improving, but prevention and early diagnosis are critical

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and the number of Americans living with the disease continues to rise. Fortunately, melanoma survival rates at all stages have increased greatly due to treatment advances, but prevention and early diagnosis still offer the best chance for survival.
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Man wearing a black t-shirt and breaking a cigarette in half with his hands
April 25, 2024

Kicking nicotine: how and why to quit smoking

For those looking to nick nicotine out of their lives, Megan Princewill, a tobacco treatment specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, shares the how and why you should quit smoking.
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Woman holding abdomen
March 12, 2024

What millennials and Generation Z need to know about colon cancer

With an estimated 53,000 deaths from colon cancer in 2024, one University of Alabama at Birmingham physician explains what people in their 20s and 30s need to know about risk factors and warning signs of the disease. 
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Colon on the Corner... with Coffee; Thursday, March 7, 7 to 9 a.m. at The Kirklin Clinic
February 21, 2024

Save the Date: Colon on the Corner

Mark your calendar for this year's Colon on the Corner event on Thursday, March 7, and check out additional event details.
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Woman in white sweater and pants placing hands over lower abdomen
February 1, 2024

Gynecologic cancers: Early detection and understanding symptoms can save lives

According to the American Cancer Society, it was estimated that nearly 115,000 new cases of gynecologic cancers were diagnosed in American women in 2023. However, many women are unaware of their potential risk for developing a gynecologic cancer and the symptoms that indicate they may have cancer.
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Woman Holding Teal Ribbon on Lower Abdomen
January 3, 2024

Cervical cancer: what you need to know

Each January, Cervical Cancer Awareness Month calls attention to important facts about a type of cancer that is diagnosed in about 14,000 women in the United States annually and is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide.
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Pancreatic Cancer x-ray
November 13, 2023

Know the symptoms: Pancreatic cancer

This year, the American Cancer Society predicts approximately 1,000 Alabama residents will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With a trending increase in cases for patients under the age of 55, an expert from the University of Alabama at Birmingham is sharing common signs and symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer to help people reduce risk and identify key indicators.
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Adult female conducting a breast self-exam
October 20, 2023

How to complete a proper breast self-exam

In spring 2023, the United States Preventive Services Task Force announced a new draft recommendation saying that all women should get a mammogram every other year starting at 40 years of age. Before a woman begins to receive mammograms, she can stay aware of breast cancer by completing self-exams.
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Devika Das, M.D.
October 2, 2023

Das leads team at Birmingham VA to increase lung cancer screening among veterans

Thanks to the efforts of Devika Das, M.D., and her team, lung cancer screening among veterans in Birmingham rose to 18.5 percent, well above the national six percent average. An expansion of an existing screening program used by the Department of Veterans Affairs, her program began as a pilot in late 2021 before beginning a full year of testing in 2022. The results were impressive; despite being new to the other participating cities in the same Veterans Integrated Services Network (VISN), including Charleston and Atlanta, Birmingham’s results quickly surpassed them.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Facts Infographic
October 2, 2023

Learn the facts about Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is highly treatable, especially in early stages, but it remains a leading cause of cancer death. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to breast cancer.
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Female doctor listening to male patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope
September 22, 2023

Prostate cancer: what you need to know

It is estimated that nearly 288,300 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2023. Second only to skin cancers, prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in American men.
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female wearing grey t-shirt holding abdomen
September 22, 2023

Five silent symptoms of ovarian cancer

As with other cancers, the earlier the diagnosis of ovarian cancer is given, the greater the chance can be for a good outcome. However, as one University of Alabama at Birmingham doctor explains, an early diagnosis can be hard to achieve as most women have few if any symptoms.
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August 29, 2023

Gynecologic Cancers: What you need to know

Nearly 115,000 new cases of gynecologic cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2023. Learn about the signs and symptoms, along with some tips for prevention and early detection.
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Green genealogy tree for dna ancestors
August 21, 2023

Learning your family health history can reduce your cancer risk

Your family health history may seem like a gloomy topic to bring up with relatives, but gathering this information could help you lower your and your immediate family’s risk of developing or dying from diseases such as cancer.
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Animation of doctor speaking with patient
August 1, 2023

Sarcoma: Know the signs and symptoms

While it is considered a rarer cancer diagnosis, the American Cancer Society says that sarcoma still impacts over 13,400 individuals each year across the United States.
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African American female sitting in a white chair smiling, wearing a red t-shirt and showcasing a bandaid on her arm
June 15, 2023

UAB plays major role in launching statewide action plan to eliminate cervical cancer

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the American Cancer Society, recently launched Wipe Out Cervical Cancer ­— a statewide action plan to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem in Alabama.
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Man receiving a free neck screening
April 27, 2023

Say “ahh!” – free oral, head and neck cancer screenings offered at UAB

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is joining the fight this National Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month by providing free cancer screenings the week of April 24-28.
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Cancer Prevention ribbon
March 16, 2023

Three UAB patients tell their stories on why prostate screenings are important

In observance of National Cancer Prevention Month in February, three UAB patients share their experiences about how getting recommended prostate screenings helps save lives.
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Colonoscopy instruments
March 10, 2023

UAB Medicine to offer colonoscopy for at-risk patients at Cooper Green

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Digestive Health Center will offer free colonoscopies to select patients of Cooper Green Mercy Health Services Authority through a grant from the Alabama Department of Public Health during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March.
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Breast cancer ribbon
October 7, 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How early detection and screenings can save lives

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States after skin cancer.
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Doctor is holding sectional model female reproductive organs
September 12, 2022

What You Should Know About Gynecologic Cancer

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to learn about the risks of these types of cancer and options for prevention and screening. All women are at risk for gynecologic cancers, and those risks increase with age. The information below outlines basic facts every woman should know.
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Female smiling and placing sunscreen on her nose
May 25, 2022

Say no to sunburns, say yes to sunscreen

Schools are out, and summer fun has begun. Between pool days and beach trips, people are outside enjoying nature and soaking in the bright summer sun. While spending time outside has positive health benefits, the sun can be a short- and long-term enemy.
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