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Next Steps Clinic – Breast Cancer Survivorship

The Next Steps Clinic – Breast Cancer Survivorship offers specialized follow-up care focused on the unique needs of breast cancer patients. The goal of the clinic is to help each survivor stay as healthy as possible and to prevent problems from happening or catch them early, when they are most easily treated.

Survivorship care is provided by a nurse practitioner with expertise in breast cancer care and survivorship matters. The long-term care this clinic provides gives patients an opportunity to discuss their cancer treatment, its impact on their health, and ways to stay as healthy as possible after breast cancer treatment. The clinic is carried out in collaboration with the patient’s primary treatment team.

Eligibility Requirements

The Next Steps Clinic – Breast Cancer Survivorship is for Patients Who:

  • Have a diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Have reached at least 12 months since initial diagnosis
  • Are not receiving active treatment (other than hormonal therapy)
Patients Will Receive the Following
  • Monitoring for long-term effects of breast cancer treatment
  • Referral for management of identified problems, if needed
  • A Survivorship Guide Book that includes:
    • A place to record the personalized details of your cancer treatment
    • Guidelines for continued monitoring
    • Recommendations for preventive care
    • Information regarding available resources and services
What to Expect from a Survivorship Clinic Visit
  • Review of medical history and symptoms
  • Physical exam
  • Health education
  • Review of Survivorship Clinic care plan
  • Follow-up tests, such as blood work and bone density scans, depending on the treatments received
  • Referrals to specialists, support resources, and other services depending on your individual case and needs
  • Upon request, a summary of your visit can be sent to your primary care provider

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Education Resources

Smita Bhatia, M.D., MPH
PODCAST: Breast Cancer Survivorship and the Future of Cancer Survivorship
The UAB Medicine Breast Cancer Survivorship Program offers specialized follow-up care focused on the unique needs of breast cancer patients.Listen as Smita Bhatia MD, discusses breast cancer survivorship, the future of cancer survivorship, and how UAB is leading the way in care and research.

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